Pretrial Diversion Attorney in San Antonio

In Texas, first time offenders might qualify to participate in a Pretrial Diversion Program. Upon successful completion of the program terms, the case against a defendant will be dismissed. In many instances, the defendant is then able to clear their permanent criminal by obtaining an expunction of the charges. Pretrial Diversion represents a great opportunity for many first time offenders.

Upon applying and being accepted into a Pretrial Diversion Program, a criminal defendant must enter into a plea agreement with the State. Your attorney will review the terms of the plea with you and then you will go in front of the judge to formally enter your plea.

After you complete the requirements of your pretrial diversion agreement, your case will be dismissed. If possible, you should then apply to have your record cleared by having your charge expunged.

Hire an Experienced Attorney to Clear Your Criminal Record in Texas

Attorney Brock S. Burchard will guide you through the Pretrial Diversion application process. Once you are accepted in the program, Mr. Burchard will walk you through the process of entering your plea. He will meet you at the courthouse, go over the plea documents with you, and then stand with you as you enter your plea in front of the judge.

Once you have successfully completed the program requirements, Mr. Burchard will secure a dismissal of your case.

The Pretrial Diversion Lawyers at Brock S. Burchard Law Firm serves clients in the San Antonio area

Don’t forget to discuss the option of having your charge information removed from your permanent criminal record. If your charge qualifies, attorney Burchard will secure an expunction on your behalf.

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