Motion to Revoke Probation in San Antonio

In Texas, when a person is placed on probation for a crime, they are given requirements to complete during their probation. Whenever there is an alleged violation of one or more of the requirements of a person’s probation, that individual will most likely face a Motion To Revoke Probation also known as an MTR.

Process of Fulfilling a Motion to Revoke Probation in Texas

An MTR occurs after the probation department notifies the court of an alleged violation. The state’s attorney will then enter a motion asking the Judge to revoke your probation and order you to serve a jail or prison sentence. The Judge will then issue a warrant for the arrest of the probationer. A court date will be set for the MTR. On the court date, your attorney will negotiate with the state’s attorney as well as the court probation officer on your behalf.

Once negotiations with the state are complete, the court probation officer, the state’s attorney and your attorney will all approach the judge with you to conduct the MTR hearing. During the hearing, the court probation officer will give the judge a status report on your probation. The state’s attorney will make their argument to the judge as to why your probation should be revoked.

Your attorney must be prepared at this point to make the right arguments on your behalf. It is crucial to introduce the right information in the right manner to the judge during an MTR hearing. After the judge hears from everyone, the judge will decide whether or not to revoke your probation. If you find yourself facing an MTR, you need to contact a qualified attorney immediately.

The MTR Lawyers at Brock S. Burchard Law Firm serves clients in the San Antonio area

Facing an MTR in Texas is a very serious legal situation. You deserve an attorney that will fight to keep you from being locked up. Attorney Brock S. Burchard has years of experience successfully representing clients in MTR hearings. He will work with you to gather and organize the necessary information to present to the judge. Attorney Burchard will then negotiate with the state on your behalf.

Many times, a judge will follow the recommendation of the state’s attorney, so Mr. Burchard works hard to reach an acceptable recommendation with the state prior to conducting the MTR hearing. Even if the state will not negotiate, Mr. Burchard will argue your case in front of the judge.

Experience and strategy are keys to successfully navigating an MTR hearing. Your strongest argument must be presented at the right time so that you have the best chance possible to win at your MTR hearing.

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