Deferred Adjudication in San Antonio

Any time a person is charged with a crime in Texas, securing a dismissal or acquittal should always be pursued until it is determined that a dismissal or acquittal cannot be obtained. Unfortunately, there are times when it is in a defendant’s best interest to pursue a plea agreement with the state. Many times, defendants are offered deferred adjudication by the state’s attorney.

Deferred adjudication is a much better option than having a conviction for the charged crime. Deferred adjudication will often afford defendants the right to pursue an Order of Nondisclosure or in other words, seal the record of their offense.

Hire an Experienced Deferred Adjudication Lawyer in Texas

Contact attorney Brock S. Burchard to evaluate your case today. Don’t sign a plea deal until the facts of your case have been combed through thoroughly by a qualified attorney. You owe it to yourself to make every effort to have your charges dismissed or to obtain an acquittal. If deferred adjudication is the best outcome that can be secured, then Mr. Burchard will negotiate the best possible deferred plea.

The Deferred Adjudication Attorneys at Brock S. Burchard serves clients in the San Antonio area

Mr. Burchard will counsel you on the steps necessary to successfully navigate the terms of your deferred plea agreement.

Deferred plea agreements will usually require a defendant to complete a supervision period, community service, rehabilitative classes and the payment of fines. Additional terms may be negotiated between your attorney and the district attorney.

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