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San Antonio Criminal Defense and Family Law

Proactive lawyer helping clients arrested or accused of
DUI, DWI, drug possession and theft crimes in San Antonio

Mr. Burchard represents clients in cases ranging from juvenile offenses to violent crimes, providing consistent quality at affordable rates. His years of legal experience make him a valuable resource for any questions you have throughout the legal process.

Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

Deferred Adjudication

Family Law


Order of Nondisclosure

Pretrial Diversion

Record Sealing


Proactive service aimed toward positive results

When you face criminal charges, it’s important to contact an attorney as soon as possible. There are numerous factors that lead people to choose Mr. Burchard as their criminal defense attorney:


Mr. Burchard has years of experience as a San Antonio criminal defense attorney. Criminal law is what he does.
He understands the tactics that provide the best chance of success. He also knows when to work with the district attorney, and when to fight back.

Personal Advocate

As a client of Mr. Burchard, you will be educated and guided through the specific legal situation that you face. *He will then go to battle for you, executing the strategy that you have created together.

Hands-on Approach

As a sole practitioner, Mr. Burchard handles every case himself. You rest easy knowing that you always have complete access to your attorney.

A Convenient Location

Most other firms are located downtown, but Mr. Burchard’s San Antonio office is much more convenient for local residents. He makes it easy to consult with an effective attorney when facing the criminal justice system.


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